The production of The Secret of Joy is finally over

Max Bartoli added 5 new photos — with Sergio Sivori.
The production of The Secret of Joy is finally over, 6 days of intense work, with a crew of 45 people, 2 cameras, 35 people of cast, 54 costumes, 30 wigs, 30 pairs of medieval shoes, 3 locations and a green screen studios.
Max Bartoli's photo.Thanks to cast and crew for making this possible. A special thanks to Ava Ames, Mia Christou, Sergio Sivori, SERGIO SIVORIJack Betts aka Hunt Powers, Doris Roberts, Thaao Penghlis, Silvia Baldassini, Cynthia Quiles, Anoush NeVart, Maria Elena Infantino, Maria Conceit Alonso, Carlos Antonio León, Laura Bayonas, Massi Furlan, Jonathan Coogan, Giles Masters, Lindsay Wolf, Ana Carolina Da Fonseca, Tori London, Tara George, Ety Azoulay List, Dina Morrone, Peter Allas, Matt Stillo, Sofia Milos,Jonathan Teale and Marci Miller.
A an even special thanks to two special kids: Casey Fisher and Cloe who came to visit us on set reminding us all why we are doing this project.