Un freddo cane a Washington DC - La temperatura piu' bassa in 120 anni


Records in this cold blast
The big one — partly because it’s so rare — is the D.C. (as measured at National Airport) record low of 5 degrees this morning. It bests the 8 degrees that was put on the books way back in 1896 on this date. It’s the first record low broken in the city since May 2002 (one was tied in April 2007), and the first winter record low since January 1994.

Tradotto in gradi Celsius significa che questa notte la temperatura a Washington DC e' stata di 15 sotto zero, ai quali bisogna aggiungere il 'windchill' (effetto vento) che ha fatto raggiungere i 20 sotto zero.
Bisogna tenere conto che Washington DC e' sullo stesso parallelo di Palermo ed e' considerata citta' del sud.