Parlano di noi in India

(dal The times of India)
Michetta (pane)1.JPG     Think Italian, think of breads. No Italian meal is complete without a basket of breads.

With 20 different regions Italy has 20 different culinary styles and a number of breads. Italy has breads for every meal and every occasion.

Fette Biscottate, an Italian bread is rusk made of wheat flour, barley malt and a mix of grain. Served at breakfast it can be had with caffe latte. One can have this with a layer of butter or preserves. A drizzle of honey can be a great way to savour it.

Italian Cornetto is another breakfast bread with a distinct Italian touch. Often mistaken from croissant the pastry is much sweeter than that of a croissant and may come with a range of fillings. A caffe latte or cappuccino to accompany it and you have a classic Italian breakfast to get you going.

Paninos or grilled sandwiches are common for lunches in Italy. Ciabatta, a versatile bread can be passed around during a meal or used in sandwiches.

Rosetta bread rolls are shaped like a rose and are hollow inside and have a crunchy crust. These can be stuffed with a range of fillings, sweet or savoury. You may also serve it up as a sandwich with slices of meat, bell peppers and sauteed onions.

Italian breads are often a meal in themselves considered for their versatility and great flavour. So go ahead and pick the right bread to make a perfect meal.