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Un colloquio di lavoro con i cittadini

“I am Giorgia! I am a woman. I am a mother. I am Italian, and I am Christian. And you cannot take that away from me!”

Far-right Italian leader Meloni rides popular wave in polls

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FILE — Giorgia Meloni holds an Italian flag as she addresses a rally in Rome, Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019. With God, homeland and "natural" family prominent in her political manifesto, Giorgia Meloni, whose Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy) party with neo-fascist roots has been fast rising in popularity in view of the upcoming Sept. 25 elections for Parliament, is positioning herself to become Italy's first far-right premier and the first woman to hold that office. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

ROME (AP) — With a message that blends Christianity, motherhood and patriotism, Giorgia Meloni is riding a wave of popularity that next month could see her become Italy’s first female prime minister and its first far-right leader since World War II.

Even though her Brothers of Italy party has neo-fascist roots, Meloni has sought to dispel concerns about its legacy, saying voters have grown tired of such discussions.

Still, there are nagging signs that such a legacy can’t be shaken off so easily: Her party’s symbol includes an image of a tricolored flame, borrowed from a neo-fascist party formed shortly after the end of the war.

If Brothers of Italy prevails at the polls on Sept. 25 and the 45-year-old Meloni becomes premier, it will come almost 100 years to the month after Benito Mussolini, Italy’s fascist dictator, came to power in October 1922.

In 2019, Meloni proudly introduced Caio Giulio Cesare Mussolini, a great-grandson of the dictator, as one of her candidates for the European Parliament, although he eventually lost.

For most Italian voters, questions about anti-fascism and neo-fascism aren’t “a key driver of whom to vote for,” said Lorenzo Pregliasco, head of the YouTrend polling company. ”They don’t see that as part of the present. They see that as part of the past.”

Still, Meloni is sensitive to international scrutiny about her possible premiership and prefers the term conservative instead of far right to describe her party.

She recently recorded video messages in English, French and Spanish that said the Italian right “has handed fascism over to history for decades now, unambiguously condemning the suppression of democracy and the ignominious anti-Jewish laws.”

That was a reference to the 1938 laws banning Italy’s small Jewish community from participating in business, education and other facets of everyday life. The laws paved the way for the deportation of many Italian Jews to Nazi death camps during the German occupation of Rome in the waning years of World War II.

Yet by keeping the tri-colored flame in her party’s logo, “she is symbolically playing on that heritage,” said David Art, a Tufts University political science professor who studies Europe’s far right. “But then she wants to say, ‘We’re not racist.’”

Unlike Germany, which worked to come to terms with its devastating Nazi legacy, the fascist period is little scrutinized in Italian schools and universities, says Gastone Malaguti. Now 96, he fought as a teenager against Mussolini’s forces. In his decades of visiting classrooms to talk about Italy’s anti-fascist Resistance, he found many students “ignorant” of that history.

Only five years ago, Brothers of Italy — its name is inspired by the opening words of the national anthem — was viewed as a fringe force, winning 4.4% of the vote. Now, opinion polls indicate it could come in first place in September and capture as much as 24% support, just ahead of the center-left Democrat Party led by former Premier Enrico Letta.

Under Italy’s complex, partially proportional electoral system, campaign coalitions are what propels party leaders into the premiership, not just votes. Right-wing politicians have done a far better job this year than the Democrats of forging wide-ranging electoral partnerships.

Meloni has allied with the right-wing League party led by Matteo Salvini, who, like her, favors crackdowns on illegal migration. Her other electoral ally is the center-right Forza Italia party of former Premier Silvio Berlusconi.

Last year, her party was the only major one to refuse to join Italy’s national pandemic unity coalition led by Premier Mario Draghi, the former European Central Bank chief. Draghi’s government collapsed last month, abruptly abandoned by Salvini, Berlusconi and 5-Star leader Giuseppe Conte, who are all preoccupied with their parties’ slipping fortunes in opinion polls and local elections.

In opinion surveys, Meloni is “credited with a consistent and coherent approach to politics. She didn’t compromise,” Pregliasco said, adding that she also is perceived as “a leader who has clear ideas — not everyone agrees with those ideas, of course.”

She has apologized for the “tone” but not the content of a blistering speech she delivered in June in Spain to drum up support for far-right party Vox.

“They will say we are dangerous, extremists, racists, fascists, deniers and homophobes,″ Meloni thundered, in an apparent reference to Holocaust deniers. She ended with a crescendo of shouted slogans: “Yes to natural families! No to LGBT lobbies! Yes to sexual identity! No to gender ideology!”

Meloni slammed ”bureaucrats in Brussels″ and “climate fundamentalism.” Meloni, who has a young daughter, claimed that “the most censured” phrase is “woman and motherhood.”

Abortion hasn’t emerged as a campaign issue in Italy, where it’s legal. But Meloni has decried Italy’s shrinking birth rate, which would be even lower without immigrant women having babies.

At a rally of right-wing supporters in Rome in 2019, Meloni drew roars of approval when she yelled in a staccato pace: “I am Giorgia! I am a woman. I am a mother. I am Italian, and I am Christian. And you cannot take that away from me!”

Within days, her proclamation became fodder for a rap song’s lyrics. While some saw that as a parody, Meloni loved it and even sang a few bars on a state radio program.

According to her 2021 memoir “I am Giorgia,” much of her identity was forged by growing up in Rome’s working-class Garbatella neighborhood. At 15, she joined a youth branch of the Italian Social Movement, the neo-fascist party with the flame symbol, and plastered political posters in the capital.

When she was 31, Berlusconi made her the minister of youth in his third and last government. But she soon blazed her own path, co-founding Brothers of Italy in 2012.

Both Salvini and Meloni say they are safeguarding what they call Europe’s Christian identity. Salvini kisses dangling rosaries and wears a large cross on his often-bared chest, while Meloni’s tiny cross sometimes peeks out from her loose-fitting blouses.

Her party staunchly backed Draghi’s moves to send weapons to Ukraine, even as Salvini and Berlusconi, open admirers of Russian President Vladimir Putin, issued only tepid support. Meloni also defends the NATO alliance anchored by the United States, a fellow Group of Seven country. But she often views European Union rules as an infringement on Italy’s sovereignty.

If Meloni’s far-right forces dominate Italy’s next government, there’s concern about the support Italy will give to right-wing governments in Hungary and Poland “for their deeply conservative agendas″ amid fears about a ”democratic backsliding” in the EU, Art said.

For her part, Meloni says she will “fiercely oppose any anti-democratic drift.”

Trump senza i passaporti (tante le volte che volesse scappare da Putin)

Trump now claims FBI agents seized three of his PASSPORTS during the Mar-a-Lago raidDonald Trump claimed his passports were 'stolen' in the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago
If true, he cannot leave the country
'Wow. In the raid by the FBI or Mar-a-Lago, they stole my three Passports (one expired), along with everything else,' he said on Truth Social
Trump likely has a regular blue passport issued to U.S. citizens and a red 'diplomatic' passport issued for official government travel
He would have received a diplomatic passport as president


Donald Trump on Monday claimed his passports were 'stolen' in the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago last week, which would mean he could not leave the country.

He called it an 'assault on a political opponent.'

'Wow. In the raid by the FBI or Mar-a-Lago, they stole my three Passports (one expired), along with everything else. This is an assault on a political opponent at a level never before seen in our country. Third World,' he wrote on his Truth Social social media account.

He likely has a regular blue passport issued to U.S. citizens and a red 'diplomatic' passport issued for official government travel. He would have received a diplomatic passport as president.

But, without a legal passport, Trump would not be able to travel outside of the United States.

It's unclear what passports were seized, and, if it was done because the former president is considered a flight risk. It's also unclear if Trump currently has a valid passport in his possession.

Trump's office did not immediately respond to's inquiry.

Donald Trump claimed his passports were 'stolen' in the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago last week

His comment that it is an 'assault on a political opponnet' reflects a strategy adopted by him and his family, as they have gone on the defense, where they have accused President Joe Biden of having ordered the raid.

The White House said the president found out about the raid from public reports.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said he 'personally approved' the raid, which was part of a federal investigation into documents Trump took with him after he left the White House. According to federal law, any presidential records are the property of the federal government.

Garland did not give any additional details about the investigation but said the Justice Department requested the warrant and inventory list be made public due to the high level of public interest in the investigation.

And the White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Sunday that President Biden hasn't been briefed on it at all.

'Not been briefed. We have not interfered,' she said on ABC's This Week.

Trump has been battling back since he announced his Palm Beach residence was raided by federal agents, including warningthe FBI and Department of Justice that 'terrible things' will happen in the United States if the 'temperature' doesn't come down.

Trump told Fox News Digital that he has offered to do 'whatever he can' to fix the simmering tensions because people are 'so angry at what is taking place'.

Federal law enforcement agencies are warning of 'an increase in threats and acts of violence' directed at FBI personnel after agents executed a search warrant on Trump's Florida home.

Days after the raid, a man who posted regularly on Trump's Truth Social site tried to breach the FBI’s Cincinnati field office in Ohio, armed with an AR-15 style rifle and a nail gun. He fled the scene and was later killed in a standoff.

On social media, there has been increased chatter about a civil war and threats of violence against FBI agents.

Trump also told Fox News Digital that he had his representatives reach out to the DOJ to offer assistance as outrage in his base ensues over the FBI's raid on his private residence.

'People are so angry at what is taking place,' Trump told Fox when asked about reaching out. 'Whatever we can do to help—because the temperature has to be brought down in the country. If it isn't, terrible things are going to happen.'

He added: 'The people of this country are not going to stand for another scam.'

During Monday's raid of Trump's Florida home, FBI agents took 11 sets of classified documents, photographs and other files marked 'top secret' among boxes of items.

In all, FBI agents took 27 boxes of documents, according to the federal warrant.

The inventory of items taken by the agents includes some specific items, including an 'Executive Grant of Clemency: Re Roger Jason Stone Jr' - a former Trump adviser who was pardoned in the last days of Trump's presidency - and 'info re: President of France.'

The list also includes more generic labels like 'Various classified/TS/SCI documents.' In the national security world, the 'TS/SCI' abbreviation generally refers to Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information - available only to those with the highest level of clearance.

Also listed are four sets of 'top secret' documents, three of 'secret' documents and three sets of 'confidential' documents, but the receipt offers no further information about what they contained.

Lawyers for Trump insist that as president he had the power to declassify the documents before leaving office.

Trump also has accused the FBI of taking documents that fall under attorney-client priviledge and demanding their return.

'Oh great! It has just been learned that the FBI, in its now famous raid of Mar-a-Lago, took boxes of privileged 'attorney-client' material, and also 'executive' privileged material, which they knowingly should not have taken,' Trump said Sunday on Truth Social.

In all, FBI agents took 27 boxes of documents when it raided Mar-a-Lago last week, according to the federal warrant

Donald Trump demanded via Truth Social on Sunday that the FBI return to him documents they seized during the Monday raid of Mar-a-Lago that contained 'attorney-client' and 'executive privileged'
The 'Receipt for Property' lists items seized, including an 'Executive Grant of Clemency: Re Roger Jason Stone Jr' - a former Trump adviser who was pardoned in the last days of Trump's presidency - 'info re: President of France ' and a 'handwritten note'
Warrant gives insight into raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate

He said that the FBI should consider his post on the alternative social media site his formal request that the documents be returned to his Palm Beach estate.

'By copy of this TRUTH,' Trump wrote on Sunday, 'I respectfully request that these documents be immediately returned to the location from which they were taken. Thank you!'

Monday's raid was part of a longer-running investigation into documents Trump took with him when he left the White House.

Under the Presidential Records Act, all such documents must be turned over to the National Archives and Records Administration at the end of each presidential administration.

The law declared all presidential and vice presidential records property of the federal government, with 'custody, control and preservation' of the records delegated to the National Archives when a president leaves office.

Trump returned 15 boxes to the Archives earlier this year. But, on Monday, in a day-long search, agents went through storage space at Mar-a-Lago and areas in Trump's personal residence, removing more material.

La possibilita' che venga incriminato e che scoppi la guerra civile e' sempre piu' attuale

A Trump Indictment Over Mishandling Classified Documents Is Now a Very Real Possibility

Mitchell Epner The Daily Beast

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

The warrant obtained by the FBI to search former President Donald Trump’s office and residence at Mar-A-Lago has been made public, and it is a shocker. And I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but this could be the big one—the case where Trump can’t escape legal accountability.

Appendix B to the search warrant states that the warrant is to search for evidence of violations of the Espionage Act, 18 U.S.C. Section 793, and two other statutes.

What did former President Trump do that could be considered a violation of the Espionage Act?

It appears that Trump allegedly held on to top secret records that he originally lawfully possessed after their return had been demanded by the National Archives.

Can the Feds Actually Prove Five Proud Boys Committed Sedition?

Section 793(d) of the Espionage Act states “Whoever, lawfully having possession of…any document…relating to the national defense which information the possessor has reason to believe could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation…willfully retains the same and fails to deliver it on demand to the officer or employee of the United States entitled to receive it” is guilty.

Does it matter that former President Trump states that he de-classified the materials found at Mar-A-Lago? No.

Section 793(d) is not restricted to classified materials. Rather, it covers any document “relating to the national defense” that contains information that the possessor has reason to believe would be detrimental to the United States if made public. Here, the search warrant return states that documents seized from Mar-A-Lago include “classified/TS/SCI documents” (meaning Top Secret or Secure Compartmentalized Information), “Top Secret Documents,” “Secret Documents,” and “Confidential Documents.”

Even if former President Trump de-classified these documents before his term ended, the information contained in those documents would still fall squarely within Section 793(d).

How do we know that former President Trump was asked to return these documents to the US government?

In February 2022, the National Archives revealed that former President Trump had brought 15 boxes of materials from the White House to Mar-A-Lago.

David Ferriero, the National Archivist, wrote to Congress that “NARA has asked the representatives of former President Trump to continue to search for any additional Presidential records that have not been transferred to NARA, as required by the Presidential Records Act.”

More recently, it was revealed that a subpoena was issued for return of these documents, but that former President Trump did not return all of the documents demanded.

What penalties does former President Trump face if convicted under the Espionage Act?

If former President Trump were to be indicted, tried, and convicted under the Espionage Act (all huge ifs), he would face a presumptive sentence of between 14-17.5 years imprisonment.

The penalty for each count of violation of Section 793(d) is imprisonment of “not more than ten years.” Each document wrongfully retained by former President Trump would constitute a separate count of conviction, meaning that he could face up to 10 years for each document.

Sentences in the federal system, however, are calculated by reference to the United States Sentencing Guidelines. These guidelines create a presumptive sentence, from which a District Court judge may depart in their discretion, although, ordinarily, the District Court judge will impose a sentence within the range calculated by the Sentencing Guidelines.

Violation of the Espionage Act is governed by Section 2M3.2:

Because Top Secret (and above) information was apparently wrongfully retained by former President Trump, the guideline offense level would be 35. Although there could be upward adjustments for various aggravating factors (such as an abuse of a position of trust), an offense level of 35 and no prior criminal history would expose former President Trump to a presumptive sentence of 168-210 months (14 - 17.5 years).

What happens next and how long will it take?

There is likely to be a long period before the next activity in this case becomes public.

First, because the documents were seized by a search warrant, there is a possibility that some of the documents might be covered by attorney-client privilege. The Department of Justice will use a “taint team” to review the documents for privilege, before handing any of them over to the investigative team of FBI agents and Assistant United States Attorneys. Former President Trump’s attorneys will be able to participate in this process. To the extent that there is any dispute about the privileged status of any of the documents, the decision will be made by a federal judge. This process usually takes weeks or months.

The FBI’s Search of Mar-a-Lago Is a Reminder That Trump Has Always Been a National Security Threat

The DOJ follows a tradition (which is not included in any written DOJ policy) of not taking public action in a politically-sensitive case in close proximity to an election. Depending on who you ask, this unwritten policy means that the DOJ will not indict a case (or otherwise make news) within 60 or 90 days of a general election. The search warrant was executed at Mar-A-Lago 91 days before the midterm elections on November 8.

When the DOJ emerges from the quiet period after the November 8 elections, the next logical step would be an indictment, which might include charges other than violations of the Espionage Act.

An indictment of a former President of the United States would be unprecedented. Of course, the actions of former President Trump are likewise unprecedented.

Read more at The Daily Beast.


 Massimo Gaggi per il “Corriere della Sera” (via Dagospia)

trump murdochTRUMP MURDOCH

Pur evitando di formularli in pubblico, Rupert Murdoch, editore ultranovantenne e ultraconservatore, dà spesso giudizi sprezzanti su Donald Trump. Ma la sua Fox News, la corazzata dell'informazione di destra, continua ugualmente a sostenere l'ex presidente in vista delle elezioni del 2024, anche se ha cominciato a dare spazio pure a possibili candidati alternativi.


Il figlio James, erede designato del gruppo Murdoch e per anni suo amministratore delegato di fatto, se n'è andato da tempo senza nascondere la sua indignazione per come la Fox ha spalleggiato Trump anche nelle sue mosse apertamente antidemocratiche.

Il fratello Lachlan, che lo ha sostituito al vertice del gruppo, non ha fatto mistero delle sue simpatie per la destra più radicale in discorsi pubblici e difendendo i conduttori della Fox anche quando hanno sostenuto che l'assalto al Congresso era una manovra della sinistra contro Trump o hanno sposato la teoria cospirativa della «grande sostituzione»: una congiura contro i bianchi d'America destinati a diventare minoranza oppressa.


donald trump e ruper murdochDONALD TRUMP E RUPER MURDOCH

Da qualche mese, però, anche Lachlan sostiene in privato che Trump è un male per l'America. Ma poi aggiunge (racconto della Cnn) che la Fox non smetterà di sostenerlo perché altrimenti perderebbe gran parte della sua audience: nonostante tutti i danni che ha procurato all'America, la violazione delle regole democratiche e gli atti illegali ormai dimostrati al di là di ogni ragionevole dubbio, Trump rimane popolarissimo nella destra americana. Perché?


perquisizione dell fbi a mar a lago immagini aeree 2PERQUISIZIONE DELL FBI A MAR A LAGO IMMAGINI AEREE 2

Com' è possibile che un personaggio che prima si è inimicato l'intero establishment conservatore, poi ha rotto con quasi tutti i personaggi chiamati a collaborare con lui alla Casa Bianca (licenziati o andati via sbattendo la porta, pubblicando, poi, memorie roventi) e che sembra aver perso il sostegno di molti suoi finanziatori, tentati di appoggiare politici più giovani e affidabili, sia ancora un candidato pressoché imbattibile nel fronte conservatore?


donald trumpDONALD TRUMP

Prima della sconfitta del novembre 2020 erano stati pubblicati decine di saggi sulla diabolica abilità comunicativa e anche sull'intuito politico di The Donald . Tutto dimenticato nei mesi del suo silenzioso ritiro a Mar-a-Lago dopo l'assalto al Congresso e il tentativo, fallito, di sovvertire l'esito del voto presidenziale.


Mentre i giornali si riempivano di analisi sulla fine della sua carriera politica, Trump giocava a golf e lavorava alla costruzione del «secondo atto» della sua battaglia per la Casa Bianca, spinto da un'ossessione: non solo la voglia di rivincita, ma anche la determinazione a non riconoscere la sconfitta del 2020.


dibattito trump clintonDIBATTITO TRUMP CLINTON

La sua intenzione, una volta tornato presidente, è quella di pretendere poteri più vasti da un Parlamento sempre più trumpiano: per gestire la cosa pubblica in modo personalistico senza troppi dibattiti e garanzie democratiche che allungano i tempi e costringono a cercare soluzioni di compromesso. E anche con la speranza di sovvertire un ordine giudiziario che, benché composto soprattutto da magistrati conservatori, fin qui ha confermato la correttezza dell'elezione di Joe Biden.


La forza di Trump si basa soprattutto su tre fattori. In primo luogo la sua capacità di mantenere compatto nel tempo lo zoccolo duro - minoritario ma molto determinato - dei suoi supporter (il popolo dei forgotten men , i bianchi allergici alla società multietnica e altro ancora) che vede in lui ben più di un leader politico: l'uomo capace di rassicurarli, di incarnare il loro desiderio di vendetta sociale, di lenire le loro frustrazioni.



Poco male se nei 4 anni della presidenza Trump per loro le cose non sono migliorate: i forgotten men non si fanno grandi illusioni, non credono nelle virtù dell'economia. Si accontentano di espressioni consolatorie, di parole d'ordine, di proclami libertari, di ribellioni alle regole imposte da governi «socialisti».


Il secondo fattore è la capacità di Trump di mettersi in sintonia col suo popolo, di intrattenerlo facendo spettacolo più che parlando di politica, di costruire parole d'ordine suggestive, di sfruttare mediaticamente a suo favore anche le informazioni negative diffuse su di lui. In questo modo nel 2016 ha sbaragliato la concorrenza degli altri candidati repubblicani e poi è riuscito a prevalere su Hillary Clinton.


supporter armati di trump per strada in arizonaSUPPORTER ARMATI DI TRUMP PER STRADA IN ARIZONA

Nello stesso modo i quattro filoni di indagini in corso su Trump - l'assalto al Congresso di un anno e mezzo fa col tentativo di bloccare la ratifica dell'elezione di Biden, i documenti presidenziali trafugati, le presunte irregolarità finanziarie e fiscali delle sue aziende e il tentativo di alterare il risultato elettorale della Georgia - consentono ora a The Donald di presentarsi agli elettori come un leader che può essere abbattuto solo per via giudiziaria perché inarrestabile sul piano politico.



Salvo che fermarlo in tribunale non sarà affatto facile: l'incriminazione di un ex presidente sarebbe un atto senza precedenti nella storia americana. Se, anche, si arriverà a tanto, Trump darà battaglia (e farà spettacolo) fino alla Corte Suprema. Dove c'è una maggioranza ultraconservatrice da lui stesso plasmata coi tre giudici che ha nominato durante il suo mandato presidenziale.


Il terzo fattore, che è anche il più delicato, ha a che vedere con la devastante capacità di Trump di sfruttare i processi di radicalizzazione politica in corso già da lungo tempo negli Usa, per modificare la sensibilità democratica di gran parte del fronte conservatore fino al punto di rendere minoritaria la destra che crede ancora nella Costituzione e nei meccanismi di una democrazia che può funzionare solo se chi perde riconosce la sconfitta e non tenta di delegittimare il vincitore.


donald trump 2DONALD TRUMP 2

Sono in tanti ormai, non solo nella destra moderata ma anche in quella più integralista, a capire che Trump rappresenta una minaccia per la democrazia Usa: vorrebbero sostituirlo con un conservatore altrettanto radicale, ma più rispettoso della Costituzione. Impresa proibitiva, visto che, alla luce dei risultati delle primarie, il prossimo Congresso sarà ancor più favorevole a Trump mentre l'esercito dei fan dell'ex presidente, inebriato da un autoritarismo che trova addirittura rassicurante, prepara una campagna elettorale assai bellicosa.



Ferragosto, ad ogni costo in Italia...negli States chissenefrega

Caro connazionale italiano tutto preso dalla celebrazione doverosa del Ferragosto costi quello che costi. 

Ovvero: ore di coda nei trasferimenti in auto, 

indebitamento per pagare le spese della vacanza, 

prezzi esosi per la sdraio e per l'ombrellone, 

chi se ne frega della campagna elettorale tanto sono tutti dei cialtroni, 

matrimonio che traballa perché sia io che lei abbiamo diritto a recuperare la nostra libertà, 

non posso vietare a mia figlia di 14 anni di andare in discoteca da mezzanotte alle quattro del mattino perché tutte fanno così e se glielo proibisco rischia la poverina la depressione, eccetera…


Nel caso in cui le riuscisse di soffermarsi un momento su quello che succede negli Stati Uniti le propongo un caso politico eclatante.

Si è appena concluso il primo anno della presidenza di Joe Biden.

In politica come al bar sport funzionano i nomignoli distruttivi e non la capacità o meno di un politico di fare cose a vantaggio di chi lo ha eletto e anche di chi lo odia.

Ricordate quel "mortadella" lanciato a Prodi dai lanzichenecchi del signor Berlusconi, ignorando le grandi capacità di questo politico per due volte primo ministro italiano, per cinque anni presidente  della Unione Europea, risanatore dell'Iri. 

Quanto a Berlusconi la definizione orrenda di "Cavalier pompetta" alludendo alla probabile protesi sessuale.

Joe Biden è stato definito da Donald Trump "Sleepy Joe", distruggendo l'immagine di un politico per trent'anni tra i più affermati senatori, efficiente vice presidente di Obama, marito esemplare, colpito da un'atroce destino che gli ha tolto la prima moglie con la figlioletta in un incidente auto e successivamente il primogenito (cancro al cervello) che si stava affermando come una grande promessa della politica americana.

Il gradimento dell'attuale presidente degli Stati Uniti ha raggiunto il minimo del 42% contro coloro che non lo sopportano per definizione e raggiungono il 52%.

Si è da poco concluso il primo anno di presidenza di Joe Biden ed è allora opportuno andare a verificare se questo discusso uomo politico abbia o meno lavorato nell'interesse della nazione che rappresenta.

Biden e la vicepresidente Harris appena eletti si sono trovati a dover affrontare e gestire la più grande epidemia dell'epoca moderna. 

Duecento milioni di americani sono stati completamente vaccinati contro il Covid.

6.4 milioni di nuovi posti di lavoro sono stati aggiunti portando il tasso di occupazione dell'economia americana al 3.5% considerato dagli economisti fisiologico.

È riuscito a far approvare "The American Rescue Plan and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law", riuscendo a mettere d'accordo i senatori repubblicani con quelli democratici. 

Ma soprattutto tagliando le unghie a due senatori democratici che ce l'hanno messa tutta nei primi mesi del mandato presidenziale per mettere in sofferenza l'azione del presidente.

Le vendite dei veicoli elettrici sono raddoppiate.

Ma quello che più conta sono i 5 milioni di nuovi iscritti alla assicurazione sanitaria a basso costo creata dal presidente Obama in una nazione in cui se non hai la copertura garantita dall'azienda per la quale lavori, se non sei iscritto a Medicare per la quale devi avere versato almeno 15 anni di contributi, sei  destinato a bussare al pronto soccorso degli ospedali ammesso che ti accettino. Altrimenti muori per strada.

Joe Biden ha ridato dignità internazionale all'America dopo le mattane del suo predecessore inginocchiato ai piedi di Putin e in affettuosa visita al dittatore della Nord Corea.

L'invasione russa della Ucraina è stato un banco di prova della difesa della democrazia e sovranità di uno Stato libero consentendo alla Nato di ritrovare le certezze alla base di questo sistema di difesa dopo anni di sonnolenta gestione.

Il presidente americano ha creato nuove premesse per l'industria statunitense dando supporto alla nascita domestica di imprese per la produzione di microchip e batterie allo scopo di distanziarsi dalle produzioni asiatiche.

Il prezzo della benzina è tornato sotto i quattro dollari al gallone ma la gente continua a inveire contro il governo perché trova che l'inflazione al 7% (generalizzata a livello planetario) sia colpa solo dell'anziano protagonista della Casa Bianca e non della guerra in Ucraina e dello strangolamento del gas manipolato d Vladimir Putin.

Il 6 gennaio del 2021 migliaia di terroristi, alcune centinaia dei quali in tuta mimetica e mitragliatori in spalla, hanno dato l'assalto a Capitol Hill, il tempio della democrazia americana.

Dai lavori del comitato  parlamentare del 6 gennaio sta emergendo in maniera incontrovertibile che questo episodio che ha messo a nudo la fragilità della democrazia americana è stato organizzato e gestito dagli scherani di Donald Trump del quale emergono proprio in questi giorni personali responsabilità nel coordinamento delle truppe d'assalto al Campidoglio.

Si parla e si scrive sempre più spesso da queste parti della possibilità che possa scoppiare una seconda guerra civile dopo quella conclusa nel 1865 e che portò all'assassinio del presidente Lincoln.

Ce n'è di che essere preoccupati non solo per chi vive negli Stati Uniti ma per tutto il consesso dei paesi  che guardano all'America come ad un solido punto di riferimento democratico.

Nei 50 stati della Federazione il ferragosto è una giornata come tutte le altre.

Auguriamo ai connazionali italiani di godersi il loro ferragosto e di ritornare a lavorare sperando di risolvere i tanti problemi che la meravigliosa penisola deve affrontare, per colpa di una parte del Parlamento che ha ghigliottinato l'unico Primo Ministro che era riuscito a ridare smalto all'immagine dell'Italia risolvendo tanti dei suoi perenni problemi.