Che succede davvero in Siria?

DICE’s SITREP – SYRIA 0710Z 08MAR2012 D I S C L A I M E R The following SITREP has been prepared to the best knowledge and ability of DICE International Security Services, Inc. It conveys information verified to the best extent possible, gathered from a variety of reliable sources.

The media campaign that for months serves us the massacres and the repression carried out by the regime of Bashar Assad, however, fails to specify that among the nearly 6 000 deaths recorded, since the beginning of the uprising, about one third are soldiers and policemen, this figure shows that it is a real war against an army of rebels (armed by Turkey, Qatar and Lebanon-Sunnis). Russia and China are determined to defend Syria but not to protect the Assad, instead they are seeking to manage a transition that limits the power of Muslim Brotherhood (in this case, it is not a coincidence that all the minorities, including Christians, support the Syrian regime, which secularism has always respected the different cults). To support Moscow, discreetly, there's Israel, as they both want to avoid that Syria will become a Turkish "protectorate" and both are interested in stopping the Islamist drift who is emerging from the "Arab Spring" (Russia in particular is concerned that this situation triggers similar uprisings in the Caucasus and other former Soviet Russian regions, once under the domination of the Ottoman Empire). Moreover, Moscow and Beijing hare very interested to hamper Washington's policy, now clearly aligned with the forces of so-called "moderate Islam". Turkey is now the ideological reference point for the Arab Islamic world from the Mashreq (East in Arabic) to the Maghreb (West), backed by the United States is promoting the creation of a homogenous Sunni bloc led by the Muslim Brotherhood (and related parties), a block that can counter Iran and its Shiite allies: the Alawite Syrian regime and Hezbollah in Lebanon. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GUARDIAN 0454Z 08MAR2012 Deputy oil minister, Abdo Hussameldin, has announced his defection on YouTube, becoming the first high ranking civilian official to abandon Assad.
I fail to see how having 4000 over 6000 non military/non police deaths, i.e. civilians, would demonstrate that this is a real war against an army of rebels, which I understand are indicated as military.
Paolo Vidoli