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Award-Winning Italian Filmmaker Seals Worldwide Distribution Deal with Entertainment 7

Award-winning Italian filmmaker Max Bartoli has just signed a worldwide distribution deal with Entertainment 7 to promote his most recent sci-fi film, Atlantis Down, starring actors Michael Rooker (Cliffhanger, The Bone Collector) and X-Files star Dean Haglund (Spectres, Kill Switch). The world premiere of Bartoli’s Atlantis Down at the Mann Chinese 6 Theatre in Hollywood was a featured part of the Los Angeles Italia Film Fest in February. He has since been invited to screen the film at the Apollo Theatre in Piccadilly Circus (London) on April 29th as a part of the SCI-FI London 2011 Film Festival.

Bartoli’s success with Atlantis Down breaks the traditional indie filmmaking mold. Having personally sourced independent funding through his company, Maxam Productions, Ltd., he shot the film under a strict deadline in just 13 days (Atlantis Down was shot in Virginia using 8 locations, 6 sets and has 225 CGI shots), managed a multicultural crew and brought the movie in significantly under budget. He subsequently directed, produced and edited an 8-episode TV series entitled Atlantis Rising: The Making of Atlantis Down, which has been aired on Virginia’s Cox 11. This latter film enabled Bartoli to partially underwrite costs of the film, even prior to securing a distribution deal.

In 2006, Mr. Bartoli produced and directed his first short film, Ignotus, which received broad acclaim and has since won 25 awards at international film festivals, including Best International Short Film at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. He has personally been awarded the prestigious Cisterna d’Argento for his outstanding achievement in the arts.

Prior to establishing Maxam Productions, Ltd., Bartoli worked as a director and producer for several prominent advertising agencies in Italy and England, directing and producing sports videos, corporate and institutional videos, as well as TV commercials.

Co-written, produced and directed by Bartoli, Atlantis Down is set in 2025, and the privatized shuttle Atlantis has been relegated to a glorified taxi between space stations. Its crew – on a seemingly routine mission, conducting experiments – soon comes to learn they are the experiment.
Entertainment 7’s domestic theatrical and home video division works in conjunction with various studios for its releases in North America, including Canada. The company’s international division has distributed and marketed films in over 100 territories outside of North America either directly or in conjunction with affiliated companies or via distribution co-ventures. Entertainment 7 plans global distribution for Bartoli’s film; they will be promoting Atlantis Down at the Cannes Film Festival, May 11th - 22nd.