Tra poco arriva il Grana a New York

The “Le Sette Mosse per l'Italia” voyage is a mission of discovery similar to that of Christopher Columbus – except in this case the goal is not to discover a new world but to improve on the existing one. At the helm, Giovanni Soldini, world-class navigator with his shipmate, Eataly entrepreneur Oscar Farinetti: together they have embarked on an ambitious trans-Atlantic crossing to promote ideas for social and economic reform to greatly improve life in Italy.
What is the crew eating on this quixotic mission? First of all, Grana Padano, a storied cheese that symbolizes the long heritage and excellent quality of Italian food products and affirms the strength of the ‘Made in Italy’ brand -- and a delicious, nutritious food source for sailing.
Low in fat compared to other cheeses and lactose-free, Grana Padano is an affordable, versatile cheese with a sweet, nutty flavored taste perfect for an easy, healthy, economical and delicious meal. Aged from nine months to 24 and up, Grana Padano pairs well with a variety of cuisines and makes an ideal part of a healthy diet.
The modest sailboat St Elmo’s Fire, bearing the logo” I love Grana Padano" on its starboard side, departed from Genoa (like Columbus) at the end of April and will reach New York on June 2nd, Italy’s ‘Festa della Republica.’ Upon disembarkment, the crew will present the Italian General Consul with the Seven Steps they have agreed upon and then enjoy Grana Padano with an aperitivo, served dockside to the returning voyagers and a jubilant awaiting crowd.