European Jazz Motion Concert at the Austrian Embassy

EUNIC Cluster Washington opens Fall Program with European Jazz Motion Six jutting European musicians will present the newest in European jazz tO Washington, Formerly known as "Group A ," after meeting at the 2008 lASj (International Association of Schools of Jazz} Meeting in Riga, Latvia, these talented, young Musicians knew that their first meeting was something specia. After a week of challenging. inspiring and creative wark together, they realized that it wasn't the end. The group decided lo stick together and have been renamed the European lazz Motion.
The group consists of Angela Trondle (Austria - vocals) , Tobias Meier (Switzerland-Alto Sax, Alto Clarinet), Marek Talts (Estonia - Guitar), Antti Kujanpaa (Finland – piano), Mattia Magatelli (Italy-Bass) and Christian Windfeld (Denmark-Drums).