Paolo Schianchi in concerto alla Casa Italiana di Washington DC

Paolo Schianchi is an out-of-the-ordinary musician and performer, able to master all existing variations of the guitar, from the Renaissance lute to electric guitars,to unique instruments which he has created.
Among them, a 49-string guitar he personally designed, made specially for him by the Argentine luthier Carlos Roberto Michelutti, and the Octopus® guitar system. The Octopus® is an electro-acoustic system that is currently unique worldwide, which enables him to play several guitars contemporaneously using both hands and feet, mixing and manipulating their sounds in real time and exclusively live.
He is a guitarist, composer, arranger, researcher, and inventor.
With four Degrees in Music and Communications, he was the first Artist in Residence in the history of Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania (founded in 1847). He was also the first solo guitarist to perform at the Carnegie Museum of Art (PA, USA).
In 2016 he was granted with a special visa for life (Green Card EB-1) for “artists with extraordinary abilities”, the most difficult to get in the USA, usually destined for Nobel Prizes.