Vaffa di De Niro a Trump

Tonight’s Tony Awards were an enjoyable spectacle with a number of meaningful and engaging moments – but they’ll be remembered for one thing. Actually, two things. More specifically, two words. Acting legend Robert de Niro took the stage during the awards ceremony and yelled something about Donald Trump that was promptly bleeped out. Then he got a standing ovation. Then he yelled it again.

Here’s what Robert de Niro said when he first walked out on stage: “I’m going to say one thing: Fuck Trump.” He then received a standing ovation that lasted roughly thirty seconds, and appeared to have been the longest of the evening. Then, just to make sure his point got across, he said it again: “It’s no longer Down With Trump, it’s Fuck Trump.” (Palmer Report)

Purtroppo per De Niro e per tutti quelli che non sopportano Trump, grazie al traino dell'economia, molti indecisi e indifferenti si stanno spostando a favore del bizzarro inquilino della Casa Bianca.
L'unica possibilita' di un ribaltone e' data dall'inchiesta del consigliere speciale Mueller: se verra' confermata una attivita' criminale di riciclaggio del denaro russo da parte del team elettorale di Trump il discorso prendera' una piega diversa.