Trump a gamba tesa per alleggerire la sentenza di un amico

Roger Stone  
All four federal prosecutors in the Roger Stone case have withdrawn from it after a surprise sentencing shift raised troubling questions about the motivations of top Justice Department officials. Here's how it went down: Stone was convicted of lying to Congress and tampering with witnesses during the Russia investigation. The prosecutors this week asked a federal judge to sentence him to seven to nine years in prison. Then, President Trump publicly voiced his displeasure with the request, calling the situation "very unfair" and "disgraceful." Hours later, the Justice Department issued an updated sentencing recommendation asking for less time for Stone, undercutting the prosecutors' initial request. This prompted the mass withdrawal, as well as sharp criticism from Democrats who claim the President unjustly used his power to influence the suggested sentence. Trump says he didn't ask the Justice Department to do anything but had the "absolute right to," if he wanted.