E adesso Bernie che fai???

Bernie Sanders canceled his planned speech last night, and went home to Vermont, after losing three key primary states and watching the nomination completely slip away from him. He has a decision to make about whether to drop out now or give it another week. Here’s the thing.
If Bernie Sanders does remain in the race, it’s going to get ugly for him fast. Four states are set to vote on Tuesday. According to the most recent polling, Joe Biden is ahead in Florida by 42 points. Biden is ahead in Arizona by 28 points. Biden is ahead in Illinois by 29 points. There’s no recent polling in Ohio. But at the least, Sanders will get blown out in three of the four states.
What could Bernie Sanders possibly gain by sticking around for that? He’s not going to magically win these states. He’s just going to get humiliated. Considering how Biden keeps surging and mostly outperforming his poll numbers, we’re not even sure where Sanders can find his next win on the calendar.
There is a Democratic primary debate scheduled for this Sunday, and Bernie Sanders may decide he wants to use it to get in his last licks when it comes to promoting his message. But at this point how many people are even going to watch? Everyone knows the primary race is over. The most relevant audience Bernie could get right now for his ideas is if he endorses Joe Biden and holds a joint rally with him this week. Otherwise, next Tuesday will be even more of a nightmare for him than this Tuesday was. (Palmer Report)