"The Secret of Joy" is finalist in other two festivals. Il giudizio dei selezionatori

Il regista Max Bartoli segnala:

"The Secret of Joy" is finalist in other two festivals: the INTERNATIONAL EUROFILM FESTIVAL in Spain, and LARGO FILM AWARDS.

The latter kindly sent us the review of its 3 jury members responsible for its selection. Thanks to them for their nice words of appreciation which I've copied below and to you all for your continue support.
Please let's continue to support Frank Kalman's The Kids' Cancer Research Foundation.

REVIEWER #1: 8.3 Suggestion: Accept
Explanation of Rating: In this time of Game of Thrones and once Upon a Time it is all to easy to follow suit and try to replicate the sheer imagination of these popular TV series. Unfortunately this often results in film makers running before they can walk , with a product that is amateurish.
Here we see an example of how to do it brilliantly. From the very outset we are thrown into a world of childish whimsy and fantasy via a voice over that is reminiscent of so many Disney films, and any number of films since. This
atmosphere remains right until the satisfying end.
The glorious costuming is complimented by the simple but effective settings offering visuals that could rival any cinema release. The performances are pitch perfect, and even though the plot may be simplistic the unexpected ending ties everything into a neat package.
This film delivers on every level. Cinematography, casting, production, writing and costume. Utterly and truly beautiful.

REVIEWER #2: 7.0
Suggestion: Accept
Explanation of Rating: The opening lays on the magic through the eyes of a child rather strongly, through potent combination of soft lighting, a saccharine soundtrack, and twinkling stars/magic dust effect liberally applied. It’s an auspicious beginning, and the bedtime story as frame narrative approach, with subsequent transition to the world of legends and fairies, works to great effect. The production design and concept behind the film are stellar for a short film, creating a believable world of make-believe and allowing for stunning shots like the fairy entering the cave shrouded in darkness, or the first glimpse of Morgan le Fay (herself gorgeously designed). But for all the film’s achievements, it doesn’t feel as if it has earned any sort of tension yet; the scene between Morgan and the fairy falters, as the shot-reverse-shot fails to provide a new energy beyond that delivered by the costume, set design, and sound mix. And, while the first notes of the song spring forth with grace and serendipitous beauty, the audience hasn’t yet been provided with an emotional tether to the fairy or the situation at large, which
suspends my ability to connect with what should be a powerful moment. In retrospect, once the true frame of the film is discovered at the end, the film opens up and emerges as a touching tribute that avoids the typical direction many shorts about cancer and sick children head towards.

REVIEWER #3: 9.0
Suggestion: Accept
Explanation of Rating: The secret of joy is a fantastic film which pictures the story of a girl's beautiful dream in King Arthur's landing. Our main character is a fairy and she is in the battle of her life in order to defeat the monster of cancer. At the end, we are transferred from fantasy to the normal life in which she is saved by the doctors.
In terms of its goal, this film has great importance as it tries to raise the awareness on pediatric cancer.
But while doing that, selecting a fiction instead of documentary is a radical choice. And in my opinion, it is a very good choice. Many people make documentaries to raise awareness to the important issues. However, I think, this film is a good example of that creating such awareness with a fiction can be even stronger.
To discuss technical aspects, performances are very good. Actors and actresses easily create fantastic atmosphere
Costume and set design is unbelievable. Certainly much higher standards than
many feature fantasy films. Editing completes the costumes and set design in a perfect way . Very good job in post-production.
Overall, I think the director has done a good job. I strongly suggest its acceptance.