Il VicePresidente lascera' a causa dello scandalo Trump?

Mike Pence will resign over the Trump-Russia scandal
Tim Faulkner
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Now that we know Donald Trump will be removed from office, there has been excessive worry that Mike Pence would simply replace him and continue with the destruction of America. However, as was previously discussed, Pence will likely resign even before Trump is taken down. While that relieves some of the stress, the next in the line of succession would be Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. While that is still terribly frightening, have no worry as to why America will never see a President Ryan. Ryan is on tape admitting that he is aware that Russian president Vladamir Putin pays Trump. On top of that, the entire GOP party is currently under a RICO investigation for taking laundered Russian money into their campaigns.

Despite it feeling like Trump has illegitimately held the highest office for decades, it has actually only been less than fourteen months. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been working behind the scenes at a break-neck pace. He has already ensured numerous guilty pleas and indictments. In less than eight months the midterm elections will be held and current polls point to a massive democratic wave. Once Democrats take back the House of Representatives they will appoint a new Speaker of the House who would be first in line for the presidency after Trump and Pence are removed.

While there is still the chance that Pence will resign prior to the January 2019 start to the next Congress, allowing Trump to appoint a Vice President that is not caught up in the Russian treason, we know that Trump places loyalty above all else.

There is zero chance that Donald Trump would put the Republican Party’s future before his own safety so he would definitely try to replace Mike Pence with someone he trusts, and that means someone that has assisted in his treason. That person will not get confirmed by the Senate before Trump is ousted, meaning it’ll fall to the Speaker. Once Mueller’s investigation is completed, or perhaps even before then, we will end up with a Democrat sitting in the Oval Office.