Che pensano gli americani di Obama al termine dei suoi otto anni di presidenza


Zogby Analytics conducted an online poll of 1,004 voters nationwide 

President Obama's approval numbers are up from our last nationwide poll in August; since then Obama has increased his numbers from 48% approval (strongly and somewhat approve combined) to a slim majority of voters (51%) who approve of his job as president. Currently his disapproval rating (somewhat and strongly disapprove combined) is 47%, which is down from 50% in August. Of those who approve, 27% strongly approve while 24% somewhat approve of his job as president. Women (52%) approve of President Obama more than men (50%). His approval to disapproval ratio is better with younger voters (18-29 year olds--57% approval/40% disapproval) when compared to older voters 50-64 years old (45% approval/54% disapproval) and voters aged 65+ (39% approval/61% disapproval).