Coronavirus (CNN)
The novel coronavirus has infected at least 1.85 million people around the globe. In India, Russia and Thailand, cases are surging, prompting new lockdown measures and social tension. In the US, more than half a million people have been infected, and 22,000 have died. For the first time history, all 50 states are under a disaster declaration at the same time. Despite this dire milestone, President Trump still really wants to open the country back up by May 1, but ultimately, that decision lies with state governors. Some, like Arkansas' Asa Hutchinson, are defending lax coronavirus restrictions while others, like New Mexico's Michelle Lujan Grisham, say they'll do what's best for their state -- which could mean extending their lockdown timelines. Finally, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is out of the hospital and will continue his Covid-19 recovery from home. He profusely thanked the hospital and healthcare workers who aided him, personally naming several and saying "I owe them my life." Follow here for the latest updates