Oldest DC Synagogue Relocated


 Oh Oscar, your  videos brings back memories.  When I worked for the Federal Power Commissio on in the GAO building (5th & G Streets) the synagogue was located at  the corner of 7 th  & G Streets.  On  Sunday morning some 50 yers ago, I went to witness the relocation of the synagogue to its current location. .  The move had its hectic moments.   The weight of the building was so significant that as the truck begin to move, the building began  to tilt!!  The  street was caving-in  as the haulers moved over the sewer lines.  It was an incredible sight !   A few spectators like myself stood in amazement, thinking that the building was going to tip over.  The movers halted the relocation and begin  to shore up the street to continue with the move.  It made safely!!! I took pictures of the event!!

Take care